Albinati Aviation Ltd

Amalgamated Investments SICAV p.l.c

Aquasun Services Ltd

Aragon Co. Limited

Argo Global

Blackmoon VF Ltd

Business Serving Ltd


Consolato Generale della Repubblica di San Marino

CS Advisory

DAAN Group Ltd.

De Raekt Malta Investment Limited

DLH Malta Pension Ltd.

DLH Malta Transition Ltd.

Dr Noel Buttigieg Scicluna


Euro Appliances Company Limited

Fortelus Capital Management Limited

Fresenius Medical Care US Finance Malta Ltd.

Henley and Partners Group Holdings Ltd

Henley Estates Holdings Ltd

HERC Holdings Ltd

HECY Holdings Ltd

Henley Estates Iberia Ltd

IIP Malta Ltd

Intermed Limited

Inovatiq Limited

Kento Holdings Limited Limited

Langlade Capital Advisors Ltd

LCAG Malta Pension Ltd.

LCAG Malta Transition Ltd.

LHT Malta Pension Ltd.

LSG Malta Pension Ltd.

LSI Malta Pension Ltd.

Lufthansa Malta Aircraft-Leasing Ltd

Lufthansa Malta Blues General Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Lufthansa Malta Blues LP

Lufthansa Malta Finance Ltd.

Lufthansa Malta Holdings Ltd.

Lufthansa Malta Pension Holding Ltd.

Malta Pension Investments

Mercury p.l.c.

Midasplayer International Holding Company Limited

Midasplayer Malta Holding Company Limited

Midasplayer (Skills) Limited

Mifsud Brothers (Estates) Limited


Novitana Holding Limited

Nissan International Insurance Ltd

Opera International Business Limited

Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean

Payscout Limited

Rascasse Capital SICAV plc

Rascasse Holding Limited

Rascasse Investments Limited

Reliant Ltd

RMI Gaming

Sales and Letting Limited

S.A.M. International Ltd

Sata Bank plc

SGP Projects Limited

Shtewi Inspection Limited

Sintra Ltd

Socar Trading Holding Ltd.

Soho Global Management Solutions Ltd

Spinola Hotels Limited

St George’s Park Co. Ltd

Supply International Limited

Synchronoss Technologies Europe Limited

Testaferrata Moroni Viani (Holdings) Ltd

Testaferrata Moroni Viani Limited

Timberland Capital Management KG, Branch Malta

Timberland Fund Management Ltd.

Timberland Holding II

Timberland Holding Ltd.

Timberland Invest Ltd.

Timberland Securities Investments Ltd.

Timberland Securities p.l.c.


Veslets Navigation Limited

VPF Malta Pension Ltd.

Yapi Kredi Bank Malta Ltd

Zermat-Jesper Consulting Ltd


Certain companies incorrectly declare that they have their registered office located within the Aragon House Business Centre. To avoid public misconception we have listed below any such companies or individuals who we are aware have done so. May we point out that this list is not exhaustive and only reflects names of companies or individuals that have been brought to our attention.

List of Companies;

Auto Transfert Smile Cabs Ltd.

Ala Group Ltd.

Alliance Properties Ltd

Avend Group Limited

Azimut Investments

R&R Holding LTD

Boonnang Junkhao

Falcon Financial Management